Criminal Defense Attorney for Violent Crimes

When you hire Law Offices of Marjorie Bender to represent you, attorney Bender analyzes the facts and explains what’s at stake. She’ll build a robust defense to work toward the best shot at your freedom. Contact her today so you can stand a fighting chance in court.

Hire attorney Bender to take on your violent crime case in Sarasota, FL

Few things instill a sense of dread like the sound of handcuffs closing around your wrists. You need to hire an experienced lawyer to be your advocate. Law Offices of Marjorie Bender, P.A. will stand by you and work toward the best possible outcome for your case. Attorney Bender handles:

Homicide cases

Manslaughter charges

Sex crimes

Robbery cases

Assault charges

Battery charges

Domestic violence charges

Wrongful death cases

Kidnapping cases

Theft charges

Bank robberies

No matter how hopeless your situation may seem, attorney Bender will work toward the minimum sentence given your situation. Call 941-364-2235 now to schedule a consultation about your robbery, theft, domestic violence or sex crime in Sarasota, Florida.