Criminal Defense Attorney For Drug Possession Charges

Law Offices of Marjorie Bender will be with you through every step of your case. Attorney Bender makes herself available to her clients, so you can call her whenever you need to discuss your case. Trust her to provide the legal support you need to get through this difficult situation.

Contact her today to learn about drug offense penalties in Sarasota, Florida. No matter the reason for your charge, attorney Bender will use every legal means available to build a solid case in your favor.

Contact Law Offices of Marjorie Bender to get the legal support you need

Law Offices of Marjorie Bender, P.A. will take on any drug case. You can be charged for a drug offense in Sarasota, Florida for many different reasons, including:

Possession and distribution

Being at the wrong place at the wrong time

Wrongful accusation

Trust attorney Bender to mitigate in your situation. Call 941-364-2235 now to schedule a drug possession consultation in Sarasota, Florida.