Juvenile Law & Dependency Court Attorney in Sarasota, FL

Law Offices of Marjorie Bender strives to help every child grow up in a healthy environment. Whether you’ve rescued a child from abusive guardians or the state has taken him or her from you wrongfully, attorney Bender will help you make the right choice given your situation. Contact us today to learn your dependency court rights in Sarasota, Florida.

Work with a compassionate dependency court attorney in Sarasota, FL

While sometimes the state removes a child from an actual abusive environment, they don’t always have accurate information about the situation. If an investigator has wrongly assumed custody of your child, contact Law Offices of Marjorie Bender, P.A. right away. Attorney Bender will examine your case to determine whether anyone reported a false child abuse accusation against you. To take your case court, the investigator must:

Inspect your home

Interview you

Note any conditions that may be harmful to your child’s welfare

She’ll provide the solution you need to resolve your case. Call 941-364-2235 now to schedule a juvenile law consultation in Sarasota, Florida.