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Count on a passionate criminal defense attorney in Sarasota, Florida to represent you. Contact attorney Bender whenever you need legal assistance.

Criminal Defense

Attorney Bender has resolved many different criminal law cases in Sarasota, Florida.

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Drug Offense

Whether you were caught in the act or falsely accused, hire attorney Bender to take on your case.

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Violent Crime

Your life isn’t over. Trust attorney Bender to fight for your freedom and protect your rights.

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Dependency Court

Don’t let your family be torn apart—hire attorney Bender to examine your situation.

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Take on Your Criminal Law Case in Sarasota, FL

Hire Attorney Bender

When Sarasota residents need a criminal defense attorney, they turn to Law Offices of Marjorie Bender, P.A. Attorney Bender believes everyone should have a fighting chance regardless of their charge. She’ll assess your situation and tell you how she’ll build a solid defense in your favor.

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Why work with attorney Bender?

Clear Your Name and Restore Your Reputation

You can count on Law Offices of Marjorie Bender to ease any worries you have about your case. Her clients continue to rely on her because she:

Uses a personable approach

Understands that people make mistakes

Has tackled multiple types of violent crime cases

Wants to fight for those unjustly accused

Handles dependency court cases

Strives to protect her clients from the worst possible outcome

Answers and returns phone calls promptly

Works on behalf of a child’s best interest in juvenile cases

20+ years of experience

Choose a Criminal Law Attorney in Sarasota, FL

Law Offices of Marjorie Bender has been tackling criminal law cases in Sarasota, Florida since 1993. Whether you need her to mitigate a child abuse charge or explain what happens when you’ve been charged with drug possession, attorney Bender will provide the impartial representation you need and protect your rights.

Call her today to learn more about criminal law penalties in Sarasota, Florida.